August 12, 2016

Tips for Injury Recovery

In a recent interview for the Everyday Well health blog, Dr. Gregory highlights some injury prevention tips for both Olympians and everyday athletes.  In addition to general tips about rest and recovery, Dr. Gregory also describes “cupping”, and mentions that he expects the alternative medicine practice to continue to increase in popularity.  Overall, he notes that pushing activity through pain it not always advised.  If pain is severe, unusual, or has been going on for longer than normal, he says that it is worth visiting a doctor because, as he notes, “A doctor or physical therapist can help you determine what kind of pain is normal and what pain is OK for you to push through.” Click here to read more information

July 16, 2016

Dr. Gregory Teaching at Sports Medicine Symposium of the Americas

Dr. Gregory will be one of the main faculty at the 2016 Sports Medicine Symposium of the Americas this weekend. This program hosts distinguished faculty from around the country to discuss scientific information and cutting-edge treatment of competitive and recreational athletes.  Dr. Gregory will be lecturing on advanced management of rotator cuff tears, as well as treatment of ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries.  Ulnar collateral ligament injuries have become increasingly common as more and more pitchers are forced to undergo UCL reconstruction (Tommy John Surgery). The program is presented by The Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute and will take place in Houston, TX. Click here to see more information

July 14, 2016

Dr. Gregory highlights dangers of distracted walking

Augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go are an excellent way to increase activity and fitness.  However, these games require a significant amount of attention.  Orthopaedic surgeons are noting increasing injuries caused distracted walking.  In an interview on FOX 26 Houston.   Dr. Gregory highlights the dangers of distracted walking, and suggests ways to stay safe.

June 11, 2016

Study describes new method of tackling challenges associated with elbow replacement

In this month’s journal Techniques in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Dr. Gregory and his co-authors describe a new technique for dealing with failed elbow replacements.  Using this technique, surgeons are able to remove the failed components in a way that has the potential to improve healing and minimize complications.  Failed elbow replacements, like other failed surgeries, can be a significant challenge to orthopaedic surgeons.  Dr. Gregory continues to work to educate and innovate safe and effective ways to improve surgical outcomes. Click here to see a link to the article

March 5, 2016

Dr. Gregory Participating in 2016 ASES Meeting

The American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) association is a prestigious organization of specialists who meets annually to discuss new ideas and present new scientific material about shoulder and elbow conditions.  Ground-breaking research and discussion about common problems such as rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, and shoulder arthritis helps surgeons better treat their patients.

March 1, 2016

Dr. Gregory Attending 2016 AAOS Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL

Dr. Gregory is attending the 2016 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting from March 2-4, 2015.  This meeting is the largest gathering of orthopaedic surgeons in the United States, and provides a valuable opportunity for physicians and educators to share research and insight on the latest innovations in orthopaedic care.   He will be participating in meetings and seminars to discuss topics including cost-effectiveness in orthopaedics and advances in shoulder stabilization procedures.

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