Dr. Gregory is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon in Houston who specializes in the management and surgical treatment of shoulder and elbow problems. His general philosophy is to educate patients and partner with them to provide the highest quality care for their shoulder or elbow complaints. He prides himself on the following:

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Maintaining an active interest in clinical education and research.
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Extensive experience with shoulder replacements and revision surgery.
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Understanding the unique demands of the overhead or elite athlete.
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Minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques to accelerate rehabilitation.


May 5, 2021

How should we treat broken shoulders?

Unfortunately, shoulder injuries after falls are common. If the falls are severe, the bones in the shoulder (proximal humerus) may break (fracture), causing severe pain and dysfunction. In older patients, bone quality is lower, and these fractures become increasingly complicated and challenging to treat. Depending on… More

April 2, 2021

New research study begins to improve rotator cuff healing

Despite advances in rotator cuff repair techniques and instruments, not all rotator cuff repairs heal. As a result, finding ways to improve rotator cuff healing is critically important. The subacromial bursa, which is tissue that sits on top of the… More

March 19, 2021

Outpatient shoulder replacement

Dr. Gregory remains at the forefront of advancing care with shoulder replacement surgery. His advancements allow most of his patients to leave the hospital the very same day of their surgery. As part of his desire to share his knowledge and advance the care of shoulder patients nationwide, Dr. Gregory recently published… More

January 15, 2021

Optimizing non-operative shoulder rehabilitation

Fortunately, many shoulder problems can be treated without surgery. Often physical therapy is necessary to focus on restoring muscle balance and posture. These rehabilitation exercises are best done in a guided fashion, with professional therapists… More

December 7, 2020

Return to play testing for the throwing athlete

A challenging aspect to caring for athletes who are returning to their sport from an injury can be trying to establish the appropriate time to do so. If an athlete returns too soon, he or she risks further injury. Too late, and uncessary time is spent away… More

October 31, 2020

Enhancing pre-op and post-op patient care

Navigating the pre-operative and post-operative recovery process can be hard. In an attempt to streamline and improve post-operative recovery, Dr. Gregory has partnered with a company called myHealthTrack to extend world-class care through daily, digestible content that coaches patients through an optimized… More

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