Frequently Asked Questions

When is my surgery scheduled?

If you have not been assigned a surgery time the day before surgery, please call Dr. Gregory's assistant at 713-486-1745 to verify your time.

My arm is bruised and swollen after surgery, is that normal?

Yes, it is normal. After surgery, you may notice bruising and swelling in other areas besides those where the surgery was performed. Gravity pulls the blood and fluid generated during surgery down the arm towards the floor. To help with post-operative swelling, please ice your arm, and elevate it on pillows while lying down. Bruising will improve 10-14 days after surgery.

When will I return to normal after surgery?

Every patient is different, and the speed of recovery will depend largely on what procedure was performed. In general, approximately 90% of the healing process will occur in the first 3 months. The remainder will occur over the rest of the first year.

When can I drive?

We recommend that you do not drive until you have stopped taking narcotic pain medication.

How do I sleep after shoulder surgery?

Sleeping in a bed can be very uncomfortable after shoulder surgery, and many patients feel more comfortable and rested when they sleep in a recliner. Remember to wear your sling at night, unless you have been instructed by Dr. Gregory otherwise.

When should I call the doctor?

Please call if you have a fever greater than 101.5, chills, sweats, excessive bleeding requiring multiple dressing changes, foul-smelling drainage, or excruciating pain. During office hours, please call 713-486-1745 to speak with Dr. Gregory's medical assistant. After hours, please call 713-486-1700 or proceed to your local emergency department.

How long will I be out of work?

Your time off work will depend both on the nature of your job and the type of surgery performed by Dr. Gregory. In general, patients with jobs requiring heavy lifting or manual labor may require longer to return to work that those who perform primarily desk or office work. If possible, Dr. Gregory recommends that most patients take at least a couple days off work after surgery to recuperate from the surgical process.

What insurance does your office accept?

Our office accepts nearly all major insurance carriers. To confirm, please contact us to determine if we participate in your insurance plan.