June 11, 2016

Study describes new method of tackling challenges associated with elbow replacement

In this month’s journal Techniques in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, Dr. Gregory and his co-authors describe a new technique for dealing with failed elbow replacements.  Using this technique, surgeons are able to remove the failed components in a way that has the potential to improve healing and minimize complications.  Failed elbow replacements, like other failed surgeries, can be a significant challenge to orthopaedic surgeons.  Dr. Gregory continues to work to educate and innovate safe and effective ways to improve surgical outcomes. Click here to see a link to the article

March 5, 2016

Dr. Gregory Participating in 2016 ASES Meeting

The American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) association is a prestigious organization of specialists who meets annually to discuss new ideas and present new scientific material about shoulder and elbow conditions.  Ground-breaking research and discussion about common problems such as rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, and shoulder arthritis helps surgeons better treat their patients.

March 1, 2016

Dr. Gregory Attending 2016 AAOS Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL

Dr. Gregory is attending the 2016 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting from March 2-4, 2015.  This meeting is the largest gathering of orthopaedic surgeons in the United States, and provides a valuable opportunity for physicians and educators to share research and insight on the latest innovations in orthopaedic care.   He will be participating in meetings and seminars to discuss topics including cost-effectiveness in orthopaedics and advances in shoulder stabilization procedures.

January 24, 2016

Dr. Gregory Discusses Shoulder and Elbow Health at Fitness Expo

As part of Dr. Gregory’s continuing community involvement and education, he participated in the 2016 Community Fitness Expo at Houston’s First.  He discussed common shoulder and elbow conditions with participants, including rotator cuff tears, arthritis, bursitis, and sports injuries.  He believes that staying active is important, and emphasized how activity and exercise can help prevent problems down the road.

December 12, 2015

New Interview Highlights Common Causes of Shoulder Problems

In the new edition of Advances in Health, Dr. Gregory discusses common causes of shoulder problems, including shoulder dislocations, shoulder separations, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, and fractures.  “Normally, the shoulder has a wide range of motion, making it the most mobile joint in the body,” notes Dr. Gregory.  At times, this can predispose the shoulder to injury.  Treatment of common shoulder problems can include rest, activity modification, or physical therapy.  In some cases, surgery may be required. Click to read interview

September 29, 2015

Dr. Gregory Co-Authors Article on Pectoralis Major Repair

In the recent issue of the journal Orthopedics, Dr. Gregory and his co-authors discuss methods of repair of pectoralis major ruptures.  Pectoralis major ruptures predominantly occur in very active individuals such as weight lifters and football players.  Surgery is required to restore strength and function.  This new article evaluates different methods of surgical repair, and highlights how the use of specific repair techniques can lead to significantly improved fixation strength at the time of surgery. Click here to see a link to the full article

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